Quanntum Dynamics specialise in physics experimentations and innovative technology. They had a revolutionary product to promote and AimVisia jumped on board to create and add 'visual flavours'. Please note, this project was completed as part of our university studies and features a dummy company and product, created only for the purpose of the video production.
Team members included: Agnieszka Matuszak, Teodora Muresan, Louis Reed, Nick Garratt, and Iwan Brock.

"We value time, and we know that our customers do too, thus we wanted to create something helpful no matter the circumstance, and practical like nothing else before." - Quanntum Dynamics ambassador.


Air is a personal quantum teleportation application that allows users to jump through the air over vast distances. Instantly teleport anywhere within national borders with the touch of a button. Starred locations are available through quick access if desired, and emergency teleportation to hospitals is free.


The logos for this innovative company and its product were designed in an octahedron shape, creating a visual connection to each other. Quanntum Dynamics logo was designed to show that the company innovates, develops, and experiments with physics to get to core solutions. The Air logo, for the product being about easy transportation, was to symbolise A to B routes taken via the app. This was expressed in the ident that showed routes around the planet Earth, forming the logo whilst visualising and reflecting on the product's purpose.


During the pre-production, after developing the idea and the logos, and while creating storyboards, production documents, and going location scouting for filming, we also started to design app mockups. We carefully planned what would be the easiest way to navigate around such an app to access desirable functions quickly.


After precise planning, preparation, and testing prior to the production, the video shooting went smoothly and it was time for the post-production work to begin. The video clips were appropriately edited as per the storyboards. Once the final cut was ready, after effects were added, it was time to include the audio; atmos, foley, sound effects, voice over, and music. The aim of the project was to show how the new product would benefit people's daily lives, no matter how different they might be.

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