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Aggie Matuszak portrait

FUN FACT: Aggie played basketball at school. She was a medalist at a Regional School Basketball Tournament in 2007, and represented her team at national and other young teenager basketball tournaments. Now, she rows!

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Terms "we", "our", "us" or "AimVisia" across the website
refer to me - Aggie. All work is mine.

Global Digital Media Designer.
Web Developer.
Audio-Visual Specialist.

Aggie always shared interest in film, theatre, photography, and various forms of art. In high school, she wanted to combine her passion for computer technologies with art to create visual meaning. As a Digital Media and Audio-Visual Designer with Web Developer skills she can do that.

High school
She studied Art and Design, Informatics and Communication Technology (ICT), and Performing Arts for A-levels. Aggie practised and learned drawing, painting, designing, ICT, acting and production management, beginning to convert messages into non-verbal mediums. After acting in her first play in high-school, she fell in love with the stage. It helped her start gaining confidence and believing in herself.

She was presented with Student of the Year in GCSE Polish award in 2012, and later Student of the Year in A-level Art & Design and in Performing Arts in 2014.
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Aggie picked Digital Media for her bachelors degree. She studied how to build websites, create graphics, design for easy user experience, develop games, produce short-film videos, and more. This layed out the fundamentals for her career. She started to code, enabling herself to produce work from concept to deployment. Aggie now uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP to create dynamic and interactive work, and it excites her greatly.

During her work placement at a design agency (Mr. B & Friends), she grasped how to build and manage websites with WordPress and quickly became a bit of an email template smart cookie. The companies she programmed custom emails for included Intercontinental Hotel Group, Dentons, Siniat, and more. As innocent as email templates seemed, they brought challenges difficult to hackle but she kept wanting to deal with these to expand her knowledge and find solutions.

It was then, as a Junior Web Developer Intern, Aggie fell in love with animations. With Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), she developed animations for IPI, Siniat and L&C, which entitled her for an in-company nickname - Aggermation. Out of passion for this type of media, she wanted to move things further. Aggie developed an interactive animation web application for her final year dissertation at university. The aim of the project was to discover how such a new way of implementing educational material (about climate change) could, not only help people learn but also, inspire to change behaviour. Aggie ended up with a 1st Class Honours degree.

Work experience
During her second year at university, she began to take on freelance projects. She started working for a Raspberry Pi tech company (Pi Supply) as a Digital Media Designer in her final year. This helped her gain more experience in various design areas. Aggie managed and designed, both, digital and print assets; illustrations, icons, logos, banners, animations, brochures, packaging, clothing, etc., even an arcade. With her designs, the company presented their products at events across Europe and Asia.

Later, she continued tackling multiple projects; web designs, social media graphics, illustrations and brochures, for various clients at Ronin Marketing, polishing her skills at completing high standard work under pressure. With her work, she helped increase revenue and audience outreach for clients such as London College of Music Examination.

Now, as a Global Creative Designer at Computershare, she translates data into visuals. Aggie produces digital designs for international audiences (the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia) that fit into the multi-cultural diversity, and helps move the business forward by chasing trends but upkeeping the brand.

She also keeps practising further her cinematography, including video-editing, photography, and motion design. Aggie independently created 'Intersection' mini-series, in the pandemic with no budget, from a blank page to the final cut, which got selected to multiple international film festivals, and even became a semi-finalist at Lima Web Festival.

Aggie has been a fan of photography since she was in primary school. She would grab a camera and capture stories and beauty of our world in whichever form. When travelling, Aggie always makes sure to have a camera on her to capture moments. This hobby became a useful asset, she can now use her photos and techniques in the work she creates, and offer photo-shoots. With this strength, her film-making that she has been passionate about since she remembers, got advanced quickly and naturally. Aggie loves to analyse what she sees. In 2021, she volunteered to help with event co-ordination at CamerImage to learn more about the art of cinematography from the industry leaders. A year later, she attended the festival as a cinematographer herself, having produced work.

To break from the screens, Aggie enjoys being active, spending time outdoors, and indulging in good food. She has been a committed rower since 2022. Aggie represents the City of Bristol Rowing Club, and raced at events such as WeHoRR, MET and more. Her achievements also include being a Novice Captain & Squad Person of the Year 2023. She also occasionally hikes, cycles, runs and swims.

AimVisia had its start when Aggie accepted her first freelancing project at university. She created her portfolio website and never stopped updating it since. AimVisia was created to help clients take the weight off their shoulders when it comes to the designs they need. They can ask for multiple assets in one place; brand identity, business cards, a website... Aggie is ready to add the visual flavours in whichever medium is necessary. What differentiates AimVisia from other designers is the approach - the focus on creating a unique design solution for each customer. No business, nor its story, is the same and Aggie believes it is important to reflect that. With designs from AimVisia you will be able to impress audiences around the globe in a unique-to-your-business way.

This is my story. What is yours?

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logos, icons, banners, and many more!

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websites, motion graphics, email templates, etc.

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packaging, business cards, and many more!

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still life, products, services, architecture, nature, etc.

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• Static website - Keep your mind at ease, any further
updates will be taken care of.
• Editable website - You will be able to edit and add
content onto the website yourself.
• Online courses
• E-commerce

Logos / Branding assets

• Logo design - icon and text, or text only
• Business card design
• Business documents, letters, and envelope design
• Presentation design
• Flyer, leaflet, brochure and pamphlet design
• Trade show banner stand design
• Magazine and booklet design
• Packaging design
• Label and sticker design
• Menu design

Email templates

• Email template - design and build
• An editable template
• Email signature

Motion Graphics

• Animation - icons, graphics, and ecards
• Ad banner
• Video
• Ident

Photography / Videography

• Photoshoot
• Photo editing/retouching
• Cinematography
• Video editing
• Colour grading


• Graphic design
• Poster design
• Infographic design
• Website, social media, and newsletter banner and header design
• Album and book cover design
• Pattern desgin
• Invitation design
• T-shirt and other clothing and merchandise design

Please note: the prices will depend on the quantity and complicity of a product. No matter how big or small, each product is given the same amount of thought and care. Our prices are currently £40 p/h.

A design from scratch is like no other.


A creative soul with technical skills.
Aggie's interest in media, art, and computing, started in secondary school. It utilised her vision and imagination, and developed her creativity. Fast-learning, focused, with attention to detail and great memorising skills, she likes to start new projects intensively. As an independent, hard-working, and self-critical person, she seeks for her work to be completed at a high standard.

Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop / InDesign / Lightroom / XD

HTML / CSS3 / WordPress / Ceros

Adobe Animate / Premiere / After Effects

JavaScript / jQuery / PHP

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