The company of mini computers and solar panels needed some branding assets to further promote their products. AimVisia added the 'visual flavours' when creating icons, a banner stand, and social media banners for this campaign. The aim was for the company to be presented with something that would draw more attention to them, and not only match up with, but outrun their competitors.


PiJuice is a sub-brand of Pi Supply, so the design had to connect back to the parent brand and its other sub-brands, such as Justboom. At the same time, it had to be distinguished enough to represent PiJuice at a glance. This was achieved through the on-brand colour composition.


PiJuice already had an identity that was promoting the business, though it needed an update with a modern twist. The old busy illustrative design was removed and the new look is now clean, making the important content stand out more. The layout in which the new triangular shapes are composed draws attention to the product. The illustrative components were adjusted to match the new design, with the aim to be used only when and where it would be beneficial.


Graphical content was designed appropriately to fit the banner needs. Each one had its custom graphical representation to help get a message across faster.

YouTube channel design

The YouTube banners for PiJuice videos were designed
in consistency with the mother brand, Pi Supply.

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