The company is home to innovative accessories for the Raspberry Pi mini-computers and a retailer of other maker products from around the globe. It is also a parent to many sub-brands, including: Flick, PiJuice, Justboom, Stakebox and others. This unstoppably developing business constantly needed various assets promoting their new and old products. The aim was also to make sure that the brand identity kept up-to-date with the fast growth of the company. AimVisia was asked to manage this aspect of the firm. Time to add 'visual flavours' and spread them globally!


The brand identity had a minimalistic style from the beginning and the company wanted to keep it that way. There was something missing, though. Their promotions were not very engaging. The campaigns looked flat and as if unimportant. Getting to know the Pi Supply team, it was clear that there is lots of fun in their environment and their products are of the best quality. This was yet to be explored by their customers, making it our main goal to achieve.

The new design upgraded the look of the brand, making it modern and exciting. The products popped out from the background, were described better, and the information was presented in a more attractive manner. The new look was inspired by the round shapes of the logo and developed to create a new Pi Supply style. It was then used across the packaging, banners for various platforms, icons, flyers, document designs, and many more. The new visuals created soft, clean, and playful compositions, which brought more attention to the business.

Illustration design

When trying to share an important message it is easier to convey it with the help of an image. Pi Supply newsletter banners were designed to send a message across before the recipient even began to read the e-mail. The style of the illustrations was kept clean and simple to fit into the brand, but the design followed modern trends. These graphics made the company e-mails a lot more exciting as opposed to just a block of text.

Banners design

We also took care of the Pi Supply online presence, covering the look of their website and social media, including YouTube videos.


Pi Supply needed numerous designs for print that included company documents, banner stands, leaflets, flyers, packaging, stickers, etc., and also sports clothing for a London to Paris cycle, where Pi Supply joined powers with Screenly.

Product design

One of the many Pi Supply products, included an arcade, called Playcade. It was designed in a modernised retro style. The aim was to design the product with an exciting frame but not in any way distracting when playing games on this machine.

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