Go for Globe was founded in 2017 with the aim to educate and spread awareness about Earth's changing climate. The application was designed in advanced 'visual flavours' to help visitors explore the processes of how the globe warms up due to greenhouse gas emissions. With informative statistics and facts on events happening around the world, an interactive questionnaire was developed to prompt visitors to re-think their everyday choices.


The logo is a representation of our planet Earth and a person, taking action to make a change and protect their home. It is presented in a soft playful style for the Go for Globe audience, which is mainly students at school.


Blue is the primary colour for the brand, representing water in the logo. A strong contrasting pink was chosen as a secondary colour, and is mainly used for the navigation within the application. This colour combination made the Go for Globe branding recognisable as well as made the buttons stand out on the busy animation contents.


New Direction For Online Education:
An interactive web application about global warming in the form of an interactive, sonic, SVG animated environment, consisting of scenes that showcase CO2 emissions on a micro and macro scale, with live photographic data for the current state of Earth.

Learn about how the Sun warms up Earth and explore how people affect the warming up climate.

A Starting Point For A Big Impact:
An educational tool different to books, games, films, and TV programmes, with potential to encourage behaviour change.


Gor for Globe was developed for a dissertation project during the final year of BSc Digital Media in 2017 by Aggie. With passion for graphics, animations, and websites, Aggie decided to use her skills in SVG, HTML5, CSS3, PHP and Javascript to develop an interactive animated application, for educating about a topic close to her heart: climate change.

The project was based on data and technology available in 2017-18. The sound effects used throughout the application are from soundsnap.com, which are free for educational use at UWE (University of West of England). All of the graphical content was designed in Adobe Illustrator, and animated with SASS, CSS3, and Javascript by Aggie.


Aggie developed and delivered the entire project from start to finish by herself.
Content - Animations portraying and helping to understand the content.
Design - Implementing BEM from the start (at design phase).
Development - Incorporation of web functionalities to still image.
Usability - Navigation and guidance allowing to learn step by step.

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