Jelaco is a small company but the work they complete is of a great substance - protecting people and large scale properties. The business is providing electrical and fire safety compliance, and to be recognised they found themselves in need of a website. We helped to create 'visual flavours' for them to validate their status. The work on this project was done for Ronin Marketing.


This client is a Mercedes AMG F1 fan and wanted for this to be reflected in the Jelaco visuals. The design resulted in a dark coloured theme with a contrasting bright colour, line patterns, automotive font, and a sense of sharpness, stability and flow.

The initial idea was to have an accordion layout, listing services where sections would expand to reveal more information about a particular service. This idea was scratched as Jelaco did not want to bore viewers with excessive information, knowing that their customers have little interest in learning about wires - they simply want the job done.

With this in mind, icons were designed to only outline the services provided.


The website was to contain 6 pages with information about the company, their services, and also a blog to educate and stress the importance of electrical security in a workplace. Each page was implemented with a sports car design style, creating a unique Jelaco branding. The way the sections were laid out on the pages added a seamless flow to the viewing experience, and subtle animating components throughout created a dynamic outcome for the website.


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