Founded in Australia, the company is a global leader in financial and governance services, operating in 21 countries. They not only care about the work they do, but also about people and the planet. Computershare's sub-brands include Deposit Protection Service (DPS), Letting Protection Service (LPS) and Georgeson. With tons of data, information and content, 'visual flavours' are a must to help present and understand their work.


With offices around the globe, it is important to keep on brand in physical spaces but also make sure the style fits local cultures. A set of guidelines was designed to help direct the look for the Computershare offices.


Sets of colours and materials were developed with ratios and examples of use to guide the correct office style.

WEBINAR re-design

For the online event pictured above, assets had to be given an upgrade to upkeep with moving trends. The graphic theme was rectangular squares that form buildings, these were restructured and a new colour combination was introduced. Icons for the webinar topic categories were also retouched following a dimensional approach that would fit into the shaped theme. The re-design created a modern look for the webinar.


A new design, based on the above webinar, was needed for a live London conference from Stock Exchange Studios. There were static and moving assets that had to be designed for a web portal, emails and TV. The look was based around the London cityscape and presented in a modern and minimalistic way.

Webinar assets

In 2021, the 'focus forward' webinar also needed to be redesigned to look modern and at global level. The assets, including a landing page, social media and email banners, were all designed to match the updated style.

Design refresh

In 2022, the 'focus forward' campaign needed a brand refresh once again but in a way that wouldn't be too far off from the previous year. Some playful shades and shapes were explored, but in the end the delicate and classy style was chosen like below.

Print Design

A busy company has a lot to say. Numerous important data and information had to be presented in a visually pleasing way that is easy to understand and digest. Reports and other documentation were designed to showcase the information clearly and draw the viewer with its engaging presentation.


The footage in the creative work was especially important for Computershare as they wanted to show that it is the people who make the company. AimVisia had the pleasure to use their own library of photos when adequate, like the Hawaii landscape above for the Bank of Hawaii case study, to make the work more lively.

VIDEO & Assets

The company had a major reformation internally and a video explaining how the company and its departments operate was due to be created. Various assets were needed, such as animations to showcase how the company works, guidelines for the members to correctly set up and shoot videos of themselves, a backdrop for the narrator, graphics to support the narrative, case studies to showcase the work already completed, etc. All of the footage and assets had to be then edited to effectively tell a story and showcase the people in the business, revealing how the Computershare outcomes are created behind the scenes.

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